Friday, September 16, 2011


Summer of Dreams, Summer of great bounty! Gardens in mountain country this season have been lush with cukes, tomatoes, new squash & even russion kale. A garden turns into a jungle of all stages of ripening and that's the bounty side of the story. In the midst of being lost in time there is plenty for drifting, dreaming and enjoying being in the wind. Ski season has long been open on Lake Chatuge and is now winding down. The water has been so still at times in the late afternoons that you can fly through the clouds with a dazzling rainbow spray!
My first textile design book called, Kitchen Table Magic - Vol. 1
is now available. It a guide to earth friendly Painting, Dying and Overdying Techniques on fabric. It's on a CD in 5 chapters with hyper-links, includes 34 images and full instructions in a total of 57 pages. So far, sold in places where I teach. The full set will include 4 Volumes to cover all the various line, printing and stamping processes for image and pattern. The fabric here is a double overdye with salt. One of the fabric techniques explained to give you the magic to explore your own creative ideas!
Summer is a great time to be lazy sometimes - just have fun with it - and that too is part of the creative process ...............
Peace and Lov everybody!!