Monday, January 8, 2018

A New Year of Blessings

May this be the year of your Greatest Blessings and realized Dreams!    Grace and Light are continually poured for us.  It's necessary to sit at the table to receive the continual feast of life.
To do that we have to look for the Blessings, especially in the winters of our lives.  Love & Light can appear anywhere, it is up to us to recognize when they are appearing.

"Light Table" photograph by Artist & Designer, Juli Sibley.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Present Awareness

As the feel of summer draws to a close, a signal is  sent for the next season.  Look carefully around the ridges & the mountain sides in late July and August and you will see. There's always that one red leaf which appears to tell you that Fall is being prepared, even tho you can not feel it in the air just yet...  Mostly in life as we gather our fruits in one season, the times ahead for the next season are being organized into existence. Nature does it and so do we with date books and calendars. 
   We exist only in this moment of time, and so our challenge is to balance our knowledge of the Present within the knowledge of the Future we are always moving towards.  The best way I know is to place my attention on the information my senses are collecting.  Tree branches sway softly in the wind as the sunlight moves the shadows and places them in rare sparkles on leaves. Night creatures sing their sleepy-time song as the sun rises higher and I can feel the soft touch of the breeze on my skin.  I move into the day as I continue my own Dance with Nature to bring into the world within me. Feeling our way through Life brings our attention & focus to the NOW where we actually live.
  May your days be filled with the Beauty and Strength of Nature.
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Friday, June 30, 2017

Spring Dreams

   As early in the summer as we are, the memories of Spring are still budding all around us.
I was called away into another Dream when I awakened at dawn to a mountain spring scented with wild roses, honeysuckle, mock orange, & tulip trees.  Birdsongs bring forth more nectar as the sunlight streaming over the ridge casts rainbows all over the room from the crystals in the window. What Grace creates these Blessings for us!
Outside, it's a beauty of a day, as the backyard meadow speaks softly with wildflowers. 
Fields are plowed on the valley floor and from this land we grow ourselves from the substance & energy of this place. Beauty makes us whole, as our  work produces the energy needed to produce fields ripe with food.  The stream of time creates this growth into a season of harvest. When the land does come into the fallow season again with more turns around the sun, the revitalization process begins anew. 
May your joy in this cycle be complete with  the full sweetness of revitalization.
photo of the Enchanted Valley by Artist Juli Sibley

Monday, December 19, 2016

Rains Give Life


Greetings from the mountains~
Winter's Light and winter's fires bring warmth to those seeking sacred inspiration. May the radiance of this season bring joyful tidings to all lands!
Recent rains fell like a benediction, which blessed the homes of all creatures.  Replenishment occurred and brought life-giving essence.  With grateful hearts & songs of praise we were restored from a lengthy drought.    In this photograph, layers of leaves edge a full pond hidden away in a mountain forest.  These living waters fulfill all who gather here seeking to renew life.
Blessings & Light for the New Year
> Juli 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Dance Around the Sun

In the days when the leaves begin their last dance to Earth the Mountain Mystic dances to the tune of the music of Creation.  The pattern of the Dance is part of the great Circle of Life.  With her partner, Sea's Dream, the circle is complete in the union of opposite forces.  The Mystic wears twilight  & the moon on her sleeves and dawn on her skirt.  Her hair contains the mountains and sunset, with a red leaf at her crown. 
  Sea's Dream has a rainbow on his chest, mist in his hair, & the twin fires of faith and passion form his calves.  

This section is from the 2016 Fall Festival Quilt made for the John C. Campbell Folk School.  The other dancers wear costumes composed of artist's creations made from the pages of the school course catalog, which were photo transferred on fabric.  The originals were paper dolls used to decorate the Community Room during many Winter Dance Weeks of the past few years.  Nanette lead a class in making recycled decorations, which in this instance,  her inspiration was from the song about, " 9 lords a leapin' and 8 ladies dancin' .'' 
This and other Festival Quilts can be seen in their full glory on display at the Community Room of the John C Campbell Folk School located in Brasstown, North Carolina.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tree Of LIFE

An ancient symbol
passed around for centuries from many different cultures all over the planet.      Representing unity & connectedness, the tree has roots anchored deep within the earth & at the same time reaches for the sky and stars.  For us, it holds a reminder of the mystery & wonder in all life as we cross the boundaries separating us from the love of ourselves, other creatures and planet Earth.
This tree, in an Art Nouveau style, is the beginning of the center panel design for this year's Fall Festival banner at the Campbell Folk School.  It is being pieced, appliqued and quilted by Louise MacDonald of Brasstown and will be presented at the opening of Fall Festival in October.  Look for it in the barn where the fiddles are playing some good tunes! 

Monday, June 22, 2015


Lifeblood & Lifeline, the sunlight that falls through the blue dome atmosphere of Earth is a large part of the physical equation of why we can live here.  Mystics have told us for centuries that the cells in our bodies connect us to every single thing on this planet.  New research has proven that trees and other plants in the forest have their own type of world wide web communication which is made possible by fungi. 
   The change in the sky that signals the day's end is the beginning of starlight and night.  Our bodies have cicada rhythms, & homeostasis, which are like our own internal tides which guide us, in the way that animals and plants have cycles too. These inner cycles connect us  to light and the movement of air & water.
Making waves, making way to twilight or the glory of a sunset is the beginning of a turn in our spin around the sun.  A new dance begins as we let change flow through our lives. 
   Our lives can get really colorful as a phase ends.  As we acknowledge it, loss, and  change, get replaced by other experiences. Looking up, we see the beauty & wonder of starlight which moves through our beings and touches our lifeblood.

May you find peace in the flow of Life and what this day brought to you.

Mountain Sunset in North Carolina, photo from Nov 2011 by Artist Juli Sibley