Friday, October 10, 2014

The Sky Is Their Pathway

         These amazing creatures have begun their annual migration south.  The skies fill with their colors.  Along the southward path they alight for refueling and water.  What a wonder that such small creatures can travel so far to find their way to a winter home.  So much instinct carried with a small body.  As the last traces of summer leave us, we get to witness this transformed creature take a long journey on wings that let the light shine through them. 

May your 'transformation' into this golden season of the harvest be one that opens your heart more fully as a receptive instrument to Divine Wonder.

Butterfly Design ~  Stitching by Freda Chasman.  Dying and color by Artist and Writer Juli Sibley, from her book, "Earth Friendly Fabric Design" , page 136.

Original fabric on view at Morning Song Gallery in Hayesville, NC    828 - 389-9690

Monday, October 6, 2014

WORLD RELEASE: Earth Friendly Fabric Design

 My newest book and 1st of it's kind, "Earth Friendly
 Fabric Design" is now available on Amazon, all over the planet and also directly through my publisher

This book is a guide and compendium of fabric design ideas and techniques.   Sponsored by Createx Colors, the maker of non-toxic colors from which all processes in the book are based. 

Shown here is the front and back cover of Artist and Writer Juli Sibley's new book.

A very Special Thanks to Diane Frenz, for Book Design and Rosemary Royston for Editing!

We are showing our Planet some love today!!!