Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hope the light of this season finds you merry in your heart & full of good tidings! We've been given the gift of cold & snow dust lately. The upper slopes in this valley are covered with ice and snow. Soon, on the Winter Equinox , the first rays of the returning light will pierce the darkness. Seeds sleeping in the soil will be preparing to awaken. The sun's power and radience will be evident upon the land.
As an artist, I believe it's my work to bring light to this world by letting the Spirit move and express through me. We can all bring light to this world by sharing our love via smiles, and kindness of words and acts.
Oranges are so full of sunshine & such a contrast to the cold light of Winter here in the mountains. This portrait is drawn on green satin with oil paintstiks, which was hand sewn onto commercially printed fabric. Couched thread applique decorates 2 sides. Framed in a wide gold frame under glass.
Available for $400.
Merry MERRY !
Peace and Love Everybody
> Jules

Monday, November 8, 2010


The other day I saw a flame touched mountain. It was a misty day when the sky veiled the land in shades of pale grey all the way through to dark blue greys. With fast moving clouds overhead the pale gold of the mountainsides could barely be seen through the veils of mist and cloud covered light. SUDDENLY, the clouds parted and the intense glowing light revealed a gold and red island of a mountain set in a bright green field within a whole sea of floating mists. The light was so strong and so pure in contrast to the rest of the land still in mist - it was like getting a glimpse of eternity for several long seconds before the wind shifted the whole array. And who can say it wasn't a glimpse of eternity when the light from above set those colors aflame???

The start of the Celtic New Year in ancient traditions signals the start of the dark days of Winter. Every day there is less daylight while the cold gathers forces on the land. Ice, snow and water alter the land and wash away the old and worn to make way for the new life to follow.

This year;s Fall Festival Banner celebrates Brasstown Creek, which runs through the heart of Brasstown. NC. Ageless and always changing , the creek brings life to the land and to many creatures in it's path. A line resist painting shows the high point of Fall with the sky reflected in smoothly flowing waters. Discharge dye, applique and hand stitched areas complete this years offering which could not have been done without the invaluable sewing assistance of Aunt Rhetta. 2 geese flying homeward symbolize the completion of the cycle and new beginnings ahead.

Monday, October 11, 2010


They are stoking up on nectar from every member of the aster and wild daisy family. Warming their wings in the sun they seek the same things we seek. Eating, having fun & spending time with others of your kind to sleep and to drink! When I walk out of the sun into the flickering shadows by the creek the air softens into cool. Butterflys do not follow - they prefer the bright meadows and the edges of woodlands where the wildflowers gather. Everyone that is leaving heads South before the frost. Somehow when you know something is for the last time, it makes every second of it etched in crystalline glass. You know you want to hold onto every moment and the memory of every moment , to go back to and gaze into at will.
Always too soon it seems, the time is here
it is now and they must fly!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Changes are evident as the growth season slows. Yellow leaves swirl to the ground to be reabsorbed into the system. The fullness of the breezes & the gentler rays of the sun feel on the skin like the change of another season. Autumn lillys fade & even the blueberry bushes have a few red leaves. This is the time to revisit familiar & well loved summer haunts for a swim or a stretch out in the sun. The golden rays of the dancing sumbeams over the ridge in the morning is made possible by the cast of rising mist. As the sun rises the pure golden color is reflected on trees & ground.
This image, my first sawblade, is a 30 inch diameter with still sharp blades. It was painted for the Finderburke family, who have a collection of lillys. Every mountain artist needs to paint at least one sawblade! The model for this is the respectable Autumn Lilly which is almost similiar to the Hosta Lilly. Watch out for the dance of the yellow wildflowers going on in every mountain valley, meadow & hillside>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Red defines passion and glitz portrays enthuiasm! The message is clear: your creations begin within!
FOR CLAIRE; with happy 2nd & 3rd grade memories of our times together making art.
Detail of this art quilt includes silver charm, nylon star fabric, red velvet, overdyed fabric & sequins. Lettering at top and bottom (not shown) says; Heal Yourself - - - Heal the Planet.
I am showing this October at Mountain Perk Coffeehouse in Hiawassee. Dates & party times to be announced later! I'll have a few favorites from the Fruit Show, plus prints and art quilts.
All for Peace & Love>> Jule

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We go to the field in the morning as light streams over the ridge & dewdrops flash points of light ahead of us. I recall the magic, mystery & wonder I felt so often as a child. 'You just knew" that anything was possible and that adventure was not only HERE NOW and was always up ahead as well!! Summer breezes continue the dance through my house with me. The pond awaits the next entry splash. Last evening I watched bats soaring thru the front yard as twilight deepened. Their sonar locating many pounds of skeeters as they swooped faster than Air Force fighter pilots! The Full Moon makes shadows as the night creatures begin their songs. I hope you are noticing the wonder & mystery in your life. Remember this is part of your own nature; your very own divinity & joy. Heron Watercolor: in private collection of Charles Sibley. Part of the Lake Series card designs which is available at stores & gallerys listed. Prints available as well.
Peace & love>>> Julie

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hooray for the red, white & blue! The sun rises over the ridge this season to wild azealeas, day lillies, sourwood blossoms & lots of juicy berrys. Waves reaching the shore with quiet lapping sounds are part of the landscape this season as well. Fireflys move through the evening trees and birdie wakes to sing at dawn. Butterflys are still chasing each other with great delight and pure abandon. The rhythms & cycles of the land, sky and water are a continual feast this season. Vision, touch, & smell - it all dances with the summer breezes, which bring it all home.
"The Radish" is a batik & art quilt reminding us of Nature's perfect design in creating. This perfect radish was grown in a friend's garden & she brought it to me herself. I was so charmed by the heart in place that I did a drawing to paint from later. This can be seen at Burton Gallery and is priced at $1500. I hope you are enjoying the fruits with your lovely sky picture of summer!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Like a good novel that you slip into so completely that it surrounds, spring scents & colors dance on breezes all around. Fills my house & my senses with the joy of all that is new in the vast woodland in this part of the valley. Nodding flowers, rising mists & the shimmer of sunbeams invite us to dance & wonder. We picked bouquets of wild roses & azaleas for the kitchen table. Amid this splendor, I get to glory in my latest accomplishment. I am now a featured artist at Burton Gallery & Emporium, which was named by Southern Living as "one of the best gallerys in the state." The hand-colored silkscreen "Follow" is on display there along with 2 art quilts,other prints & a batik. The center panel on this silkscreen is printed on historic mountain fabric. It's actually old feedsack material. The stars are relief printed & appliqued. Price is $195. Gallery phone & other info is listed on left side column. Visit this wonderful galley when you are over by Lake Burton! We hope you too feel all the excitement of spring scents & sights.....................

Monday, April 19, 2010


Birds sing just before the dawn. After a long season of rest, hibernation, cold & fallow time, the land is supercharged with life. I find it amazing how fast a green dot on the top of some dirt turns into a bud, a stalk, many leaves & then a fully formed large plant. Every year I watch this & it fills me with wonder. Yesterday we walked up to the top of a nearby mountain. The bigger picture from there shows the new green color to the top of some peaks, fields greening & soaring birds. In that expanse one can see the transformation & life brought by the change in energy flow. Very much like, it seems to me, the seasons in our own lifetimes; if viewed from a 'big picture' vantage point.

This new image of the chickadee in a tree with vintage lace flowers is from card series #9 (like the dream!). I am very pleased to announce a new partnership with my friends at Mountain Graphics in Hiawassee: Cindy, Alex, their son Tommy & Betty Dog are now handling direct distrubution of my card line. They are the customer service reps in the U.S., drop shipping anywhere in the country,M-F / 9-5. I am designing a brochure & later we will have magnets & journals available of all images. I'm grateful for these inspiring images I'v been given, & for my friends, family, fans & collectors that all love them!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


On the 3rd day of Spring the first thing my opening eyes saw in the early light was falling snow. In all my life, I have never seen snow fall this "late" in the year in our mountains. Feeling snowflakes on your eyelashes is like a gentle kiss from the sky. So soft, yet filled with all the strength of life: sunlight, moonlight, & starlight all encoded in crystalline form. Now it is the time of daffodils~ newly risen in our part of the valley. Every day there is more green everywhere as life returns to the outer surface of the plant kingdom. To celebrate one of Spring's first flowers, here is a batik for you. In an art quilt with applique. This can be seen at Morning Song in Brasstown. Price for this original is $250. All current gallerys & phone #'s are listed in hte left side coloum on this page. Michael's Fine Arts in Dalton is now carrying my new greeting card line.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


On a snowy road in the Winter sun you can see all the rainbow colors flashing when the rays are just right. Our last snow, which was just last week, gave us about 6 inches on this side of the valley. The scene you see is from our neighborhood where the forest meets the dirt road! What a thrill to leave footprints where no one has been today!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010




the Winter sun signals the time of the inner journey when appearances seem to suggest that nothing is happening in the growth cycle. The still point is the place where new life begins in nature. It is akin to the silence our souls require in bringing forth new creations.
This art quilt features salt dyes, batik & commercial fabrics. $900. See this & the other "Fruits of the Land" series at Michaels Fine Arts in Dalton, Ga.
800 - 516 - 8512


the Winter sun signals the time of the inner journey when appearances seem to suggest that nothing is happening in the growth cycle. The still point is the place where new life begins in nature. It is akin to the silence our souls require in bringing forth new creations.
This art quilt features salt dyes, batik, & commercial fabrics. $900. See this & the other "Fruits of the Land" series at Michaels Fine Arts in Dalton , GA.
800- 516 -8512

Monday, January 4, 2010


Frozen & cold here in the mountains. ICE is the color of the day. It has been many, many, years since we've seen this kind of concentrated cold for this long.
Now showing thru January, in the front display at Michael's Fine Art in Dalton, Ga., is my Fruits of the Land" series. The wall photo shows drawings on satin, priced at $400, ea. Call Mike at 800-516-8912 for directions or hours. Get in before thaw-out & get the Winter Special - 10 - 15% off any show item.


Frozen & COLD here in the mountains. Ice is the color of the day. It's been many, many, years since we've seen this kind of concentrated cold for this long.
Now showing in the front display at Michael's Fine Arts in Dalton, Ga., is my "Fruits of the Land" series. Shown here is a wall display of drawings on satin, priced at $400 ea. Call Mike at 800-516-8912 for directions or hours. Get in before thaw-out & get the Winter Special- - 10 - 15% off any item in the show.