Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Dance Around the Sun

In the days when the leaves begin their last dance to Earth the Mountain Mystic dances to the tune of the music of Creation.  The pattern of the Dance is part of the great Circle of Life.  With her partner, Sea's Dream, the circle is complete in the union of opposite forces.  The Mystic wears twilight  & the moon on her sleeves and dawn on her skirt.  Her hair contains the mountains and sunset, with a red leaf at her crown. 
  Sea's Dream has a rainbow on his chest, mist in his hair, & the twin fires of faith and passion form his calves.  

This section is from the 2016 Fall Festival Quilt made for the John C. Campbell Folk School.  The other dancers wear costumes composed of artist's creations made from the pages of the school course catalog, which were photo transferred on fabric.  The originals were paper dolls used to decorate the Community Room during many Winter Dance Weeks of the past few years.  Nanette lead a class in making recycled decorations, which in this instance,  her inspiration was from the song about, " 9 lords a leapin' and 8 ladies dancin' .'' 
This and other Festival Quilts can be seen in their full glory on display at the Community Room of the John C Campbell Folk School located in Brasstown, North Carolina.