Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Time Of The Lilly

Fast and fleeting they appear.  Standing in the sun, heads nodding to every breeze; they are always part of every mid-summer's color story.  They appear where they will amd maybe where the birdies carry them. You'll see lillies in old established gardens beside stately homes and in the same glory along ditches on back country roads.  Dressed for the day in full bloom, their lives exist only in the moment, just like ours. Yet the power of their existence lives on long after they fade.  The cycle of life continually creates new wonders.
   "Lillies" title page illustration from the book, 'Earth Friendly Fabric Design'  by Juli Sibley, to be released later this year on Amazon.  The book is about direct dye, line resist, and line media, all with Createx Colors.  I am pleased to announce that Createx is the sponsor of this book. Look for it and Earth Friendly Design Sets by Createx out in stores and online later this year.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Bloom in The Woods

Spring proseeds us by widing the scope of greens.  New color has reached the highest mountain in Georgia which is on the edge of this valley.  Wild hydranga and tulip poplar bloom with all the power of scent.  Roadside and hillside, blackberry brambles show forht flowers among the brambles.
   The only traces of the frozen barroness of Winter is the barely visible structure of mountains and trees.  The strength gained from the silent  reflections  is only available in your own quiet. In the stillness & silence can be seen and felt all the forces of nature, both your own and the planet's.
May the truest love and strength of all nature be your guide in inner and outer harmony.
Watercolor illustration; "Dogwood Branch" by artist Juli Sibley.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


The sun has risen on  a brand new year.  Another time, as we travel through space to bring new creations into play.  Changes continue as we evolve in our relationships to other beings & the planet itself. 
How is life expressing through you today?  If your higher calling is joy - then where are you planting those seeds and handing out those flowers?   May this time show you with clarity the full potential of your Divine Nature.  Let the sun shine brightly on your truest heart!!
"Bird in the Sun" painting. tye-dye and sewing by artist Juli Sibley. Prints available at Morning Song Gallery.