Friday, December 7, 2012


At the neighbor's pond the fish swim about the small dock.  As I begin to walk around the edge, the crowd gathered then followed my footsteps with their fins.  What can it mean to them to see and follow a creature from another world?  For now it means bread cast upon the waters, as I walk with a piece of wheat bread in my hand.  Is it tameness or wildness that causes this behavior ?  In spite of our differences in language, bio-culture and lifestyles - - we have met in a place where we share.  They reached out to me in their willingness to follow me around.  So, bread, I decided, was a sign of language  that fish can understand, coming from me. So, I went home and got some!
  Nowadays, they gather where I appear and I continue to marvel at the innocence and simplicity of beings other than my own kind who would choose to float with me as I follow the pond's perimeter.  Our reflections merge with the falling leaves - leaving my world for theirs, to swirl on the surface.
"2 Fish"   batik on fabric, by Juli Sibley

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Rains have visited us frequently this summer, leaving refreshment and mist. On these days, the distinctions between where land ends and the sky begins is blurred. Creative enterprises always have the element of choas involved. It is necessary for the formation or reformation of a new kind of order to happen. Choas brings uncertainty, and only then can a new arrangement find itself. True form is revealed as the mists lift to show what was there the whole time. "Bird Flies" is a color chart from the latest "Kitchen Table Magic , Vol. 2. This latest fabric design book by artist Juli Sibley is a small compendium of Line Media and Line Resist techniques. Available in CD format.

I hope you let change and uncertainty reveal to you the true form or your soul life and heart's dreams. Peace and Love>> Juli

Friday, May 25, 2012


Spring continues to make no excuses for how she appears.  Sheathed in glory in the golden sunbeams, or draggled in mud after one of our many mountain rains.  With every phase there continues  to be more gifts arriving daily.
  The magic came alive with music.  By the bird we are called to sing - along  our song & by the creeks, rivers and streams we joyfully babble in the flow over obstacles.  Flowers fade and begin to spin themselves into fruit. Wind carries butterflys and the newest fledglings into flight.  Millions of just created seeds breath legend into life.  
  The drawing"Valley Floor" is from my book, "All That Matters", 2011.  Available at Morning Song Gallery in Brasstown, NC.  
May your heart receive the gifts of JOY spring offers you.

Monday, April 9, 2012


This year spring sallied forth like a lady late for the dance! Hurriedly donning her new attire of yellow greens, oranges and pinks. she was showing up and showing out with unmistakable radiance! There was no doubt her intention was to dazzle!
First on the valley floors and then rapidly climbing the slopes she touched the mountains with new color. By now the mountaintops, in all but the very highest ranges wear it well. Dogwoods and flame azaleas are blooming in great might. Inspired by this I laugh with the wind, turn cartwheels and dance with dandelions! The pleasure of new life does not diminish our history for those who have passed and their knowledge and gifts still held in the world. Life continuously invites us to be a part of its ebb and flow. In this cycle of awakening and new growth, may you find your inner strength renewed for the creation of your truest, heartfelt life.

Watercolor illustration, Mountain Lake" Prints are available at Morning Song Gallery in Brasstown. NC. $ 140, framed.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Winter slumber begins ending as the earth's plant bodies move upward towards the light. Birdie begins singing the new nest building song. Everywhere the flowers rejoice in the soft winds. Ice melts and the streams start singing with the birds! Your Homecoming is being welcomed by Nature, with the gifts she brings of heart and soul. Draw near to the fire on clear, cool starlight nights and rest now ~ for the awakening will be here soon- in full color!

"BlueJay" watercolor, plaques or prints from $5 - $25. Available at Morning Song Gallery, Brasstown, NC. 828 -837-0564