Tuesday, March 30, 2010


On the 3rd day of Spring the first thing my opening eyes saw in the early light was falling snow. In all my life, I have never seen snow fall this "late" in the year in our mountains. Feeling snowflakes on your eyelashes is like a gentle kiss from the sky. So soft, yet filled with all the strength of life: sunlight, moonlight, & starlight all encoded in crystalline form. Now it is the time of daffodils~ newly risen in our part of the valley. Every day there is more green everywhere as life returns to the outer surface of the plant kingdom. To celebrate one of Spring's first flowers, here is a batik for you. In an art quilt with applique. This can be seen at Morning Song in Brasstown. Price for this original is $250. All current gallerys & phone #'s are listed in hte left side coloum on this page. Michael's Fine Arts in Dalton is now carrying my new greeting card line.

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