Friday, September 3, 2010


Changes are evident as the growth season slows. Yellow leaves swirl to the ground to be reabsorbed into the system. The fullness of the breezes & the gentler rays of the sun feel on the skin like the change of another season. Autumn lillys fade & even the blueberry bushes have a few red leaves. This is the time to revisit familiar & well loved summer haunts for a swim or a stretch out in the sun. The golden rays of the dancing sumbeams over the ridge in the morning is made possible by the cast of rising mist. As the sun rises the pure golden color is reflected on trees & ground.
This image, my first sawblade, is a 30 inch diameter with still sharp blades. It was painted for the Finderburke family, who have a collection of lillys. Every mountain artist needs to paint at least one sawblade! The model for this is the respectable Autumn Lilly which is almost similiar to the Hosta Lilly. Watch out for the dance of the yellow wildflowers going on in every mountain valley, meadow & hillside>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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