Monday, November 8, 2010


The other day I saw a flame touched mountain. It was a misty day when the sky veiled the land in shades of pale grey all the way through to dark blue greys. With fast moving clouds overhead the pale gold of the mountainsides could barely be seen through the veils of mist and cloud covered light. SUDDENLY, the clouds parted and the intense glowing light revealed a gold and red island of a mountain set in a bright green field within a whole sea of floating mists. The light was so strong and so pure in contrast to the rest of the land still in mist - it was like getting a glimpse of eternity for several long seconds before the wind shifted the whole array. And who can say it wasn't a glimpse of eternity when the light from above set those colors aflame???

The start of the Celtic New Year in ancient traditions signals the start of the dark days of Winter. Every day there is less daylight while the cold gathers forces on the land. Ice, snow and water alter the land and wash away the old and worn to make way for the new life to follow.

This year;s Fall Festival Banner celebrates Brasstown Creek, which runs through the heart of Brasstown. NC. Ageless and always changing , the creek brings life to the land and to many creatures in it's path. A line resist painting shows the high point of Fall with the sky reflected in smoothly flowing waters. Discharge dye, applique and hand stitched areas complete this years offering which could not have been done without the invaluable sewing assistance of Aunt Rhetta. 2 geese flying homeward symbolize the completion of the cycle and new beginnings ahead.

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