Thursday, January 13, 2011


The snow that came in the night a few days ago, lingered to float on the iceberg winds during the day. It almost looks like I am living in the middle of the beach, surrounded by so much whiteness. However, you know that it is cold when your boots start freezing to the doormat while you're still wearing them! Everything moves slower & seems to take longer in this kind of weather. You can definetly lose your Good Time over it - if you're not careful. So you have a mental choice to make: to focus on the places you can't go in the car (anywhere) & work that can't get done...OR have a Good Time in the beauty of the moment. My friend Marjorie says, "Well, I'v already spent this much money - so I might as well enjoy it."
If Mother Nature showed up as a larger presence in your life today I hope you'll let yourself go to enjoy the blessings brought your way and all the things you can still do. As for me, I won't be dashing through 8 inches of snow - I'll be plodding along "smiling from my head down to my feet!">

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