Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Door to Adventure Opens

Our adventures start in the same way our Dreams do, at the places we feel most alive & connected.  Our hearts and souls can direct us to the places, people and events that we bring life to with our love.  Every day that door is open for us to travel.  It's our own willingness & our attitudes that make it fun for us or make it drudgery.
   If new horizons are in your viewfinder today, then I hope you take off with a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye!
    "The Door to Adventure" is a Fall Festival art quilt designed and dyed by Artist Juli Sibley. It was sewn and pieced by Pat Meinecke, Resident Quilter at the Folk School. This art quilt is just over 5 feet in height. It is currently on display at the Community Room at the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.  Seen here, as featured on the cover  of the Folk School catalogue for 2014-15, this colorful design expresses the spirit of the school with views of the garden and mountains beyond.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    I just saw your interview with David Sellars on Facebook. Just wanted to say "hi!" You look like you are doing well.