Saturday, January 17, 2015


The solace of Winter is in the stillness where the plant & animal kingdoms gather their forces.  In the still space of the Dreamtime we find our own highest visions for our life's purpose.  Ice crystals & rain, thaw and retro-freezes ~ the patterns we can see mark the currents in the unseen world around us.  These patterns of color and sound, from the natural elements, are the vibrations of the universe itself.  Just  the same as the visions in our hearts which guide our choices  in the creations we plant into the world.
May the new year find you within the ways of creating greater love and peace for our Dear Mother Earth.
Blessings, Peace & Love from Juli

Fabric patterns shown here are from the movement of salt crystals in a double salt dye.  From page 67 of the book,  'Earth Friendly Fabric Design' by Juli Sibley. Available on Amazon.

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