Monday, June 22, 2015


Lifeblood & Lifeline, the sunlight that falls through the blue dome atmosphere of Earth is a large part of the physical equation of why we can live here.  Mystics have told us for centuries that the cells in our bodies connect us to every single thing on this planet.  New research has proven that trees and other plants in the forest have their own type of world wide web communication which is made possible by fungi. 
   The change in the sky that signals the day's end is the beginning of starlight and night.  Our bodies have cicada rhythms, & homeostasis, which are like our own internal tides which guide us, in the way that animals and plants have cycles too. These inner cycles connect us  to light and the movement of air & water.
Making waves, making way to twilight or the glory of a sunset is the beginning of a turn in our spin around the sun.  A new dance begins as we let change flow through our lives. 
   Our lives can get really colorful as a phase ends.  As we acknowledge it, loss, and  change, get replaced by other experiences. Looking up, we see the beauty & wonder of starlight which moves through our beings and touches our lifeblood.

May you find peace in the flow of Life and what this day brought to you.

Mountain Sunset in North Carolina, photo from Nov 2011 by Artist Juli Sibley

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