Friday, June 30, 2017

Spring Dreams

   As early in the summer as we are, the memories of Spring are still budding all around us.
I was called away into another Dream when I awakened at dawn to a mountain spring scented with wild roses, honeysuckle, mock orange, & tulip trees.  Birdsongs bring forth more nectar as the sunlight streaming over the ridge casts rainbows all over the room from the crystals in the window. What Grace creates these Blessings for us!
Outside, it's a beauty of a day, as the backyard meadow speaks softly with wildflowers. 
Fields are plowed on the valley floor and from this land we grow ourselves from the substance & energy of this place. Beauty makes us whole, as our  work produces the energy needed to produce fields ripe with food.  The stream of time creates this growth into a season of harvest. When the land does come into the fallow season again with more turns around the sun, the revitalization process begins anew. 
May your joy in this cycle be complete with  the full sweetness of revitalization.
photo of the Enchanted Valley by Artist Juli Sibley

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