Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hooray for the red, white & blue! The sun rises over the ridge this season to wild azealeas, day lillies, sourwood blossoms & lots of juicy berrys. Waves reaching the shore with quiet lapping sounds are part of the landscape this season as well. Fireflys move through the evening trees and birdie wakes to sing at dawn. Butterflys are still chasing each other with great delight and pure abandon. The rhythms & cycles of the land, sky and water are a continual feast this season. Vision, touch, & smell - it all dances with the summer breezes, which bring it all home.
"The Radish" is a batik & art quilt reminding us of Nature's perfect design in creating. This perfect radish was grown in a friend's garden & she brought it to me herself. I was so charmed by the heart in place that I did a drawing to paint from later. This can be seen at Burton Gallery and is priced at $1500. I hope you are enjoying the fruits with your lovely sky picture of summer!

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