Saturday, August 25, 2012


Rains have visited us frequently this summer, leaving refreshment and mist. On these days, the distinctions between where land ends and the sky begins is blurred. Creative enterprises always have the element of choas involved. It is necessary for the formation or reformation of a new kind of order to happen. Choas brings uncertainty, and only then can a new arrangement find itself. True form is revealed as the mists lift to show what was there the whole time. "Bird Flies" is a color chart from the latest "Kitchen Table Magic , Vol. 2. This latest fabric design book by artist Juli Sibley is a small compendium of Line Media and Line Resist techniques. Available in CD format.

I hope you let change and uncertainty reveal to you the true form or your soul life and heart's dreams. Peace and Love>> Juli

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  1. Julie. You're perfection and talent truly amazes me. This is beyond beautiful and no less than amazing.