Friday, May 25, 2012


Spring continues to make no excuses for how she appears.  Sheathed in glory in the golden sunbeams, or draggled in mud after one of our many mountain rains.  With every phase there continues  to be more gifts arriving daily.
  The magic came alive with music.  By the bird we are called to sing - along  our song & by the creeks, rivers and streams we joyfully babble in the flow over obstacles.  Flowers fade and begin to spin themselves into fruit. Wind carries butterflys and the newest fledglings into flight.  Millions of just created seeds breath legend into life.  
  The drawing"Valley Floor" is from my book, "All That Matters", 2011.  Available at Morning Song Gallery in Brasstown, NC.  
May your heart receive the gifts of JOY spring offers you.

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